The team at Mommy’s Milk is studying whether/how prescription medications that are
taken by a nursing mom affect the quality of breast milk, and whether/how this could then
affect the infant. You may qualify for the study if you live in the U.S. and you are a
breastfeeding parent who is already taking a prescription medication as part of your
routine healthcare; this can include but is not limited to an antidepressant or a monoclonal

If you participate, you will be asked to provide biological samples for yourself and for your
baby. (See Additional Details below for information on the biological samples we would ask
you to collect.) All samples are collected by the mom from the comfort of home and mailed
to the study office. You will receive a $20 gift card to compensate you for your time.

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Additional Details

You are eligible to participate if you are:

  • Living anywhere in the U.S.
  • Currently breastfeeding
  • Currently taking an antidepressant, a monoclonal antibody, or another prescription medication as part of your routine healthcare

Participation in this study includes:

  • Phone interviews
  • Questionnaires about your baby’s development
  • Release of medical records.

If you participate in the study, you’ll be asked to collect and mail the following samples to the study office:

  • A breast milk sample
  • A saliva sample (mom only)
  • A blood sample (mom & baby)
  • A stool sample (mom & baby)
  • A skin swab (mom & baby)

We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to collect and send the samples to our office. There will be no cost to you. To compensate you for your time, we’ll send you a $20 gift card once we receive the complete set of samples you collected.

This study is being coordinated by Mommy’s Milk as a supplement project to the UC San Diego Maternal and Pediatric Precision in Therapeutics (MPRINT) Center of Excellence in Therapeutics (CET). Funding for the parent MPRINT project and for this supplement project is provided by The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

For more information, please contact Mommy’s Milk by email at or call 858.246.1713.