Mommy’s Milk Samples Dashboard

DIRECTIONS:  This dashboard shows current bio-specimens available for withdrawal from the Human Milk Biorepository.  This dashboard is fully interactive.  Please click on any map, table, or pie-chart data point(s) to get specific information for those bio-specimens.  For example, select a state (or multiple states) to view specimens available from that specific location, click the ‘Reset All’ button to undo your selection or choose a new location.  To get more information about a map, table, or pie-chart please click on the title to view a brief description.

Note:  If using a mobile device, dashboard best viewed in landscape orientation.

Bio Specimen Distribution by States

Specimen Quantity

Children Age Ranges

Total Aliquots

Total Mothers

Collection Criteria

Preterm Birth

Primary Sample

Household Income Level

Maternal Age Ranges

Maternal Education Level



Delivery Method

BMI of Mothers